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Technician examining storage racking

Racking system safety worries? Book a racking safety inspection

It’s a legal requirement to make sure your racking is inspected on a regular basis so that any concerns over its safety and stability are identified and acted upon. It helps mitigate the risk of accident. And maintains the smooth operation of your storage facility.

Arrange for an inspection or survey now by contacting our team at Rack Associates Ltd, Doncaster. 

About our inspection and survey service

Rack Associates Ltd's inspection and survey service is meticulous and evaluates your storage systems against the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998.


Qualified inspectors carry out the inspection and a detailed report is provided to you upon completion. The report will make a judgement on the condition of your warehouse’s racking system and outline recommendations if applicable. Any remedial work can be carried out by our installers, wherever you’re based in Doncaster or Sheffield.

Rows of shelves with boxes in modern warehouse

We can also install safety features like:

  • Barriers
  • Bollards
  • Anti-collapse mesh

Safety awareness training

While we do arrange for an inspection as soon as we can upon enquiry, it’s always a good idea to have a solid understanding of safety practices when it comes to your racking system.


Our safety awareness training at Rack Associates Ltd can help your team be more proactive when it comes to safety concerns. We can also teach them to carry out inspections and basic repair techniques. To arrange a training session, just give our team a call.

Red forklift holding pallet
Automated Shelving Storage

Want to make sure that your storage system is safe?

To arrange an inspection or survey, call Rack Associates Ltd on

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